Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Latest Riot SE pic from Sylva
Note the screen! This car has a brand new 1.4 Sigma engine and an Emerald K3 ECU (which has yet to start). I think it looks great!
Not much done recently. The chassis is being powder coated and I'm assembling a of the donor parts.
One of the issues with the Sigma engine, iB5 gearbox and Mk2 XR2 driveshafts combination is the offside inner CV boot fouls the engine block. This CV joint must be repaced. There are many posts elsewhere on the Internet about this. I'm going to add to them!
The joint that is needed comes from a variety of sources, early Fiesta Mk2 XR2, 1.3 and 1.6 Mk3 Escort and Orion and 1.1 Mk3 Escort van. The good thing about inner CV joints is they don't wear as much as the outers. So if you come across one of these cars in the breakers, it would be quite straight forward to remove the joint and save yourself at least £30! (and get covered in CV grease - yuck!) Oh and believe it or not, Radical also use the same inner CVs!

Here are the part numbers:
Ford - 81TT-3K167-AA
Hardy Spicer - C7840
AMK - TDL3602R
Drive Line - DL3602

The CV boots are all the same and have an AMK part number of TSB31.