Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Riot is going to have a light blue chassis and a royal blue body. Not totally sure how it's going to work out!
Anyway, while I was in Lincolnshire, I went to my favorite scrap yard, Roger Windley's. By pure luck there was a freshly rolled 1.6 Focus with 44,000 miles on the clock. £175 + VAT seemed a good deal for the engine, so I bought it!
So I now have all the major mechanical bits, 1.6 Sigma from the Focus, iB5 gearbox from a 1.4 Puma, XR2 driveshafts and hubs and Capri struts. I'm going to the factory again in a couple of weeks and should come back with a rolling chassis.
Another bit of luck is the Focus has a tubular exhaust manifold. OK the primaries aren't very long but I'm going to try and use it. It will save me over £200 and I won't have the manifold poking through the engine cover so I can mount the number plate and light on the engine cover rather than the silencer. We shall see...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I've been too long without a car project!
Time to plan the next one then! There was only one choice, the Sylva Riot.
It is available in 2 flavours, bike or car engined. The bike option uses Yamaha R1 or Kawasaki ZZR power. I'm going for the slightly softer option, a Ford 1600 Zetec SE (AKA Sigma) engine. I'll source the engine from a Focus. It delivers 100PS in standard trim and should give about 140BHP with a decent exhaust and an Emerald K3 ECU. The car will weigh about 475Kg. 140 BHP will be adequate! I plan to use a Ford iB5 gearbox from a Fiesta.

So far I have sources all of the suspension uprights and hubs, not an easy task as the front hubs come from a Mk2 Capri and rears from a MK2 Fiesta XR2 along with drive shafts. The steering column is from a Ford Sierra.

I'm off to the factory next week to sort out the chassis. Fun!