Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mojo Specs - for Yoshi
My Mojo 2 was fitted with a 130PS 1800 (RQB) Zetec E engine from a 1995 Ford Escort Cabriolet. It was fitted with a Weber Alpha Silver kit including 2 X 40 DCOE carbs and ignition ECU. This gives approx 155 BHP with the Sylva exhaust. See here for more info. http://www.webcon.co.uk/alpha/index.htm

Detailed engine information below:
Type: Zetec E Capacity: 1796cc Bore/stroke: 80.6 x 88 mm Compression ratio: 10.0:1 Max power: 130 bhp @ 6250 rpm Max torque: 120 lbf.ft @ 4500 rpm Cylinders: four, in line Cylinder head: aluminium alloy Block: cast iron Installation: mid-mounted, transverse Valve gear: high-lift double overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, toothed belt drive

The gearbox was a Ford BC unit originating from an Escort Mk3 XR3. It was rebuilt by Abbey Transminssions http://www.abbeytransmission.co.uk/
The final drive ratio is 3.84 : 1. The ratios are 1st 3.15, 2nd 1.91, 3rd 1.27, 4th 0.95, 5th 0.76 and reverse 3.61.