Monday, June 09, 2014

It's on the road!

If you look back at the posts on this blog, you will see an entry dated March 2007 where I talk about a blue Sylva Riot with the engine from a rolled Ford Focus.
Well 8 years and 3 months later, the car is on the road - my longest build by a long shot.

 The car is very dirty in this shot. The heavens opened just before my first drive.
Thanks Jeremy for your patience! I got there in the end.
Here's the inevitable list of to dos.

  • Steering wheel not straight
  • Various rattles
  • Alternative catch arrangement for engine cover so I don't burn myself when opening
  • Heat shield between exhaust manifold and engine cover to stop number plate melting
  • Water channel above ECU to stop it getting wet when engine cover is opened
  • Re-paint lower rear wishbones where powder coating has failed
  • Fit screen
  • Fit anti-intrusion side bars
  • Fit radiator grill
A kit car is never finished!

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